Online Classes of Bharatanatayam Conducted through Online using Zoom App by Dr. P.Sharath chandra. The Founder of Sri Sai Nataraja Arts and Dance Academy. Classes will be conducted on personalized based on the capability and level of understanding knowledge. From Beginners to Advance level any one can join and get Classes.
  • Sai Nataraja Arts and Dance Academy admits Students  from beginners to advanced levels.

  • Academy maintain rich tradition of pure classical bharatanatayam.

  • Students can Improve their Classical Dance Career.

  • Sai Natraja Academy Provides Certified Course of Bharatanatyam

Class Timings

Class Timings are Depend on the Students Convient. Differenet Timings for Local Students.

Group Classes also be conducted. The Timings of the Group Classes on evening 4.30 day by day.

Course Category and Type

Bharatanatyam Certificate Course (1 - 3 Years):

This Program makes Students in Understanding of basic Concepts like Nritta, Nritya, Natya history, Single and Double hand Guestures. And also Basic Bharatanatyam Stance, flexibility strength and balance exercises. Students will also learn adavus, Alarippu along with some songs to use their hand guestures and expressions